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We use CAD design to deliver outstanding results and faster turnaround times.

At AccuSpec Fabrication, we believe in using the best tools for the job. Metal fabrication technology has advanced considerably since the days of blacksmithing, and today’s technology is much more powerful than the tools used just a decade ago. One of the recent developments we are excited to embrace is the use of CAD design.

CAD Design in College Station, Texas

CAD design stands for Computer-Aided Design. In other words, instead of drawing out schematics by hand, we can now draft designs digitally. This software allows us to be much more precise with our measurements, which allows us to achieve more accurate and consistent results.

Another great advantage of CAD design is the way it can pair with computer-controlled fabrication tools, such as CNC machines. These devices use input from the computer to move a cutting bit along the work piece according to the digital schematics. In other words, we can design a part in our CAD software, enter the file into the CNC machine, and have it cut out the piece, with no intermediate steps. As you can imagine, this greatly accelerates the production process, as we no longer have to spend so much time on creating prototypes or having technicians cut things out by hand.

Our team is proud to serve College Station, Texas, and we want to help you with all your design needs. If you are looking for expert CAD design services, just give us a call to find out more about what we can do for you.

At AccuSpec Fabrication, we offer CAD design services for those in Bryan and College Station, Texas.