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You can count on us to provide the expert MIG welding services you need.

In our experience here at AccuSpec Fabrication, not many people outside the metal fabrication industry have a good understanding of welding. If you’re not familiar with welding, it’s easy to assume welding is just one thing, but in reality, there are different welding techniques, each with its own advantages, which are used for different applications. Our team has extensive experience with all welding techniques, but here we want to highlight our MIG welding services.

MIG Welding in Bryan, Texas

The MIG in MIG welding stands for metal inert gas. MIG welding equipment creates an electrical arc between the welding gun and the metal work piece. The electrical current heats up the welding metal, which is then used to join the work pieces together. At the same time, the welding gun emits a shield of inert gas around the welding pool, which prevents contaminants in the air from touching the weld pool, resulting in a higher-quality seal.

MIG welding is generally used for large or thick work pieces, as the process is faster than other types of welding and therefore allows our team to complete your project sooner. This technique is widely used in the construction industry to prefabricate components such as stairs and handrails, but it has many other applications, too. If you are looking for MIG welding services in the Bryan, Texas area, we encourage you to turn to our team. Simply give us a call to find out how to get started with our services. Our team will take it from there.

At AccuSpec Fabrication, we offer MIG welding services for those in Bryan and College Station, Texas.